About Lucia M. Berte:

As a health care professional specializing in quality management systems in health care ancillary services for over 30 years, Lucia Berte is committed to reducing laboratory problems that affect quality and patient safety.

Ms. Berte has a strong background in laboratory medicine, with certifications as a medical technologist, specialist in blood banking, and diplomate in laboratory management, and experience as a laboratory supervisor and manager. She also has many years’ experience in laboratory quality management and is certified as both a quality auditor and quality manager.

Lucia’s quality management experience includes working with health care clinical services such as the medical laboratory, respiratory care, medical imaging, pharmacy, and rehabilitation. Her approach has also been used with health care support services such as human resources, accounting, materials management, and medical records.

Ms. Berte served for many years as a laboratory inspector and transfusion service assessor, performing both readiness and conformance audits for laboratory and blood bank accreditation.

She is the author of numerous articles, chapters, and books on quality management and is a frequent workshop presenter and teleconference speaker.

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Broomfield, CO